Philippe Morel


The Artist

Philippe Morel

About the artist

Born 1948 in Isigny - Mer, Normandy

Diploma of Beaux Arts de Caen

Some recent exhibitions

Galerie Maig Davaud, Paris
Galerie Rollin, Rouen
Galerie Pieter Breuguel, Venlo, Hollande
Galerie Dewez, Reims
Galerie ACF, Yverdon, Suisse
Galerie Le Fleuron, Honfleur
Art Galerie, La Baule

At gallery Jas de la Rimade since 2001

About the work

Morel's bronzes, with their "cheerful fissures" and a fibrous plant-like patchwork, travel through feminine geography, as if an overly eager underground sap has cracked the tissues.
The body's vulnerability, the ridiculous distance between the body and death. Earth, raw matter. Thanks to the magical vagaries of well-managed firing, the colours are sulfur yellow, honey ochre, anthracite, frost white, iron red... A wonderfully veined biscuit, free of enamel.