Patrick François


The Artist

Patrick François

About the artist

Born 1953 in Allier department, France

Diploma Beaux Arts Clermont-Ferrand

Some recent exhibitions

Galerie Pikinasso, Roanne, France
Galerie Cortaillod, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Privat exhibition in Cascais, Portugal
Privat exhibition in Hamburg, Germany
Midi Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Galerie Saltiel, St Paul de Vence, France
Galerie Elysée Montaigne, Paris
Privat exhibition in Geneva
Galerie St Paul, Paris
Stolk Gallery, Nieuwekerk, Netherlands

About the work

From the very first one principle was obvious to me :
to paint the world of the living in a very realistic manner and in life-size in order to increase the "trompe-l'oeil" effect and the illusion of life.

Therefore my subjects are always painted on large scale abstract surfaces, with rich material, sometimes reinforced by adding of real wood or metal.

I try to express a "climate", a psychological profundity, an energy that sparkles in the eye of my silent portraits, a hyphen between fundamental and often disconcerting questions that life is asking an the serene harmony that surrounds us naturally.

Patrick François