Jean-Pierre Ceytaire


The Artist

Jean-Pierre Ceytaire

About the artist

Born 1946 in Paris

Self made painter and sculptor

Some recent exhibitions

Galerie Art Comparaison, Paris
Galerie Racine, Paris, Honfleur, Bruxelles
Château d'Allaman, Suisse
Fondation Coprim, Paris
Galerie Les Larmes d'Eros, Paris
Galerie Satyra, Kronberg, Allemagne
Galerie Opera, Singapour
Galerie Mirage, Tokyo
Galerie Tretiakoff, Moscou
Galerie Contraste, Bruxelles
Musée d'Erotisme, Paris
Galerie Humus, Lausanne

At gallery Jas de la Rimade since 1988

Public collections :

Centre National d'Art Contemporain
Fondation Coprim, Paris
Aéroport de Paris

About the work

With Ceytaire, it is the entire oneiric dimension, haloed with bitter-sweet acidity, that must be digested. A rare artist, a mad talent, a mastery of gesture, of writing. Ceytaire draws more that paints, with breathtaking lightness, exploring a world - his own - of joyous perversity.
Far from succumbing to the temptations of sauciness, Ceytaire knows, marvelously, how to go beyond the limits of propriety and paradigm with diabolical finesse.
Intelligent, brilliant, cultivated - everything Ceytaire does seduces, and his work in the great tradition of gold leaf is unmatched.

Extract from a text by Rémi Parment