Ciris Vell


The Artist

Ciris Vell

About the artist

Born 1946 in Paris

Ecole Boulle
Ateliers Met de Peninghen
Ecole du Louvre
Ecole Nationale des Métiers d'Art, Paris

Some recent exhibitions

Galerie de Bellecour, Lyon
Galerie Anne Lettré, Paris
La Galerie, Deauville
Galerie Contrast, Bruxelles
Dimensions Art Gallery, Taiwan
Galerie Médiart, Paris
Galerie Lemarie-Tranier, Washington
Galerie des Beaux Arts, Bordeaux
Palazzo Lanfranqui, Pise
Musée d'Art Contemporain, Union des Artistes, Moscou

At gallery Jas de la Rimade since 1993

Some public collections :

Prix Arletty
Fondation Jean Jaurès, Paris,
Trophées de la Fnac
Affaires Culturelles Ville de Lyon
Caterpillar Finance International

About the work

It is this energetic flow progressing from matter to spirit that has always concerned Ciris Vell's work.
It is not by mere chance either, that a deep blue colour recently appeared in a good number of Ciris Vell's works as they became more and more abstract, even if, when one takes a closer look, the signs and forms mentioned earlier, could be read as planets, comets or clouds coming from other galaxies and fighting with Man and his various systems of symbols.

Extract from a text by Francis Parent