Arnaud de Bonis


The Artist

Arnaud de Bonis

About the artist

Born 1959 in Mayenne

Diploma Arts Décoratifs de Nice

Some recent exhibitions

Art Sud, Palais des Congrès, Paris and Beyrouth
Galerie Transparence, Biot
50ème anniversaire de la libération du camp, Dachau, Germany
Galerie Remp'Art, Toulon
Institut de France, Thessalonique, Greece
Espace Europa, Mandelieu
Espace Miramar, Cannes

At gallery Jas de la Rimade since 1986

About the work

De Bonis could be one of the champions of the new forces which, in response to contemporary painting, vow a cult corollary to tradition, to the masters of the past. Like them, but with his expression and own interior strength, the artist seeks - in the tensest, most powerful style - the means of attaining the tragic through interiority.
His trade, his ability to paint, are founded on modality, values, and chiaroscuros. His superb glazed backgrounds give emotion all of is dimensions. In his work, dessin-Roi - all too often overlooked - is omnipresent.

The landscape compositions:

Paintings are landscapes, without human beings, foggy or aquatic, abstract
oils where the light dominates shape, where "atmosphere" is the key word.

An image of time, an atmospheric palette, the will to seize the spiritual and to fix it in monochrome or polychrome tones which invite to meditation...